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The Windjammer is one of the main dining areas on the ship with a large and diverse menu that includes Jamaican, Indian, and Asian cuisine, plus a carving station and a variety of standard fare from burgers and pizza to salad bar and desserts galore! Grab a hearty brunch in the morning, lunch buffet after lectures (next to the exhibit area), and then a sophisticated dining experience in the evening. You'll swear you are on a diet, but good luck keeping it.  

Windjammer Cafe


In the Reflections Dining Room, you're invited to savor a variety of dishes with a menu that regularly introduces new and exciting flavors. This spacious, multi-level restaurant provides the perfect setting for a substantial brunch in the morning, complete with mimosas. Come evening, it elevates into a first-rate dining experience, offering a menu that encourages guests to explore a world of flavors, one dish at a time.

Reflections Main Dining Room


Park Café is located inside the Adults Only Solarium and offers a range of quick and tasty options perfect for any preference. You'll find everything from crisp, custom-made salads to hot, pressed paninis and sandwiches. Be sure to try the renowned Royal Kümmelweck roast beef sandwich – it's not only a guest favorite but also a culinary milestone for those who love food.

Park Cafe

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Giovanni’s Table offers a feast of authentic Italian dishes, all served family-style to celebrate the essence of rustic flavors. On the menu, you'll find timeless favorites: start with house-made focaccia, complemented by marinated artichokes, olives, and pesto. Indulge in soft gnocchi bathed in a lamb and root vegetable sauce with a hint of thyme, or savor the traditional risotto enriched with a porcini and truffle mushroom tapenade. For the main course, the veal osso buco, paired with creamy cheese polenta, fresh tomatoes, and lightly sautéed green beans, is a standout.

Giovanni's Table

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For over ten years, Chops Grille's chefs have been the cornerstone of this signature Royal Caribbean restaurant, consistently delivering high-quality, hand-cut steaks. They've recently reimagined a classic, introducing a modern take to the traditional steakhouse menu. The highlight is undoubtedly their prime meat selection. Accompanying these exceptional steaks are other delectable options like Maine lobster, grilled branzino, and a variety of savory dishes. These main courses are complemented by irresistible sides and sumptuous desserts, completing a truly memorable dining experience.

Chops Grille

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At Izumi, you'll experience a unique dining journey through Asia, with a menu full of diverse and delicious options like expertly prepared sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri. The restaurant offers a variety of izakaya-style starters and a wide range of sushi rolls, from the classic to the innovative. Every dish promises a culinary exploration of Asian flavors, taking you from the tastes of Tohoku to the delights of Tokyo.


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When you find yourself craving a steaming hot cuppa, Café Latte-tudes has just what you need. From a nice breakfast blend to get you going to an after-dinner cappuccino or macchiato, you’ll find all your favorite sweets and specialty coffee drinks at this cosy cafe. Beverages are typically included with a drink package. The food is always complimentary and the selections change throughout the day, from fruit cups and yogurt parfaits, to muffins, donuts, and assorted pastries. You'll always find a selection of your favorite sweet treats and expertly crafted specialty coffee beverages.

Cafe Latte-Tudes

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Want to savour a meal in the comfort of your stateroom? Order delicious in-room dining at any time – day or night. Tuck into breakfast in bed with a fresh omelette or a steaming stack of pancakes. Or enjoy an intimate date night in after a long day of adventure onboard and ashore. Room service makes it easy to treat your taste buds without having to set foot outside your door. Want to explore the menu? Check it out here

Room Service

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