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OP Summit is so much more than just another orthodontic meeting... IT'S AN EXPERIENCE!

OP Summit is an event packed with information that you can use your own practice. It's an event that combines the best in food, entertainment, content, and connections…

It’s been described as the best meeting in ortho and this year's Summit is going to be unlike anything you've ever seen before—and everything you need to take your practice to the next level.

OP Summit entertainment and events never disappoint. On the ship, you'll find a wide range of nightly entertainment, including live musical performances, comedy sets, game shows, and more. The many venues throughout the ship, some large and some small and intimate, helps ensure that there is something for everyone (and childcare, too).

Nightly Entertainment

Step into a world of rhythmic nights and themed extravaganzas at sea! Our cruise transforms into a time capsule with our '80s Prom Night, where you can dance to nostalgic beats in retro style. And embrace your inner buccaneer on Pirate Night, a swashbuckling adventure under the stars. Each evening is a spectacle of music and merriment. Get ready for nights where the beats never stop, the themes ignite imagination, and the fun sails beyond the horizon!

Theme Nights

Prepare for an immersive experience onboard with your favorite colleagues and friends. From yoga sessions to karaoke battles to whiskey tastings to poker tournaments to ortho trivia, you will have non-stop fun throughout the cruise. PLUS... you never know what surprises will show up at an OP Summit event!

Interactive Events

At the Orthopreneurs Summit at Sea, you're not just attending – you're actively engaging in a transformative journey. Dive into a world where you'll connect with industry leaders, immerse in innovative ideas, and be inspired by the collective creativity of fellow orthodontic professionals. This is more than a voyage; it's an opportunity to be a part of a unique, professional narrative at sea.


The Orthopreneurs Summit is known as the best meeting in ortho because we focus on an over the top experience! Now imagine what we are going to do with an entire cruise ship at our disposal!!!  We set the agenda. We customize the activities. And the surprises and swag... oh the surprises and swag! OP Summit at Sea will be legendary.


The Orthopreneurs Summit at Sea will transcend the typical conference experience. Embarking from Tampa, Florida, this unique voyage takes you through the stunning Caribbean to Cozumel, Mexico. Along the way, immerse yourself in the region's rich culture and breathtaking natural beauty. You'll engage in a world of orthodontic expertise and camaraderie, undergoing personal and professional growth, while embarking on an unforgettable adventure.


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