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On OP Summit at Sea, The Educators sail with us, dine with us, and party with us in a non-stop 24/7 adventure at sea. How many times do you wish you had a chance to spend more time with the keynotes and speakers only to watch them walk off and disappear for the rest of the conference? 

This is your chance to not only hear from some world renowned experts, but to sit down with them and pick their brains over the course of a 4-night cruise!!!

John Sileo

Cybersecurity Crash Course

Join hall of fame speaker and cybersecurity maestro John Sileo as he reveals spy-worthy techniques to shield your practice from digital threats. An identity theft victim turned guardian of data, John leverages his gripping narrative to empower you with the tools for fortifying your digital frontiers.

Dr. Jason Jones

Activate Your Team's Potential 

Utilizing recent neuroscience discoveries, Jason will share how we can be better leaders and ACTIVATE ourselves and our teams to reach higher levels of motivation, engagement, energy, health, and performance. Learn the #1 most effective way to build a culture of commitment and high performance.

Chris Branch

Using AI to market practices

Delve into the AI revolution and discover how to amplify your practice's growth while streamlining effort. Chris's session promises a journey through innovation that redefines the boundaries of your business.

Joe Hirsch

Communication and feedback

There are few things more uncomfortable than giving and receiving feedback. Joe has earned accolades from Fortune 500 executives to NFL coaches for his forward-thinking approach to improving organizational culture through his fearless feedback approach.

Jenna Glass

Effective team training systems

Jenna Glass offers a masterclass in team empowerment, sharing her comprehensive strategies on training and management that promise to reshape your practice's culture.

Dr. Jeff Galvin

Best practices for optimal living

Dr. Jeff Galvin stands as a beacon in the realm of medical enlightenment, guiding his audience through an insightful journey to uncover truths that are pivotal for both personal and professional wellbeing. In his comprehensive presentations, he artfully blends scientific knowledge with practical wisdom, shedding light on the often-overlooked aspects of health and wellness.

Stephen Caution

AI for efficiencies

Stephen Caution will delve into the transformative world of Artificial Intelligence and its profound impact on modern professional practices. In this engaging talk, he crafts a narrative that goes beyond the basics of AI, focusing on practical strategies to significantly reduce workload and stress. His talk is not just about understanding AI's potential; it's a journey into integrating AI seamlessly into your daily work life. Attendees can expect to leave with not only a deeper understanding of AI’s capabilities but also with actionable steps to harness its power to transform their professional and personal lives.

Dr. Glenn Krieger

With over 20 years as a distinguished restorative and cosmetic dentist before venturing into orthodontics, Dr. Krieger's journey epitomizes a lifelong commitment to learning and excellence. As the founder of OrthoPreneurs, he has pioneered a unique approach that integrates entrepreneurial principles into orthodontic practices, empowering his peers to excel not only in patient care but also in business management. Dr. Krieger will share valuable insights and practical strategies, drawing from his extensive career and entrepreneurial ventures.

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