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A Day in the Life at the OP Summit at Sea

Hey there, future cruisers! I wanted to take you through a typical day at sea from the perspective of an Orthodontist who attended the OP Summit at Sea.

After setting sail yesterday, today's officially my first day at sea! But after that Wendy's I ate during our drive to Tampa to dock, it might be necessary I get a workout in at the fitness center to kickstart my trip. After sweating it out, it's off to the Windjammer Café for a quick bite before my fun day ahead!

Next on the agenda for today, it's time to embrace my inner nerd on at the OP Summit lectures kickoff in the Tropical Theater. From 8 to 12:30, it's all about soaking in the knowledge and getting inspired for the days ahead. While I'm geeking out over brackets and wires, my kids are busy living it up in the teen lounge. And I'm sure you could find my wife chilaxin' and sipping on a strawberry daqauri at the pool.

One of the things I love most about this year's OP Summit is that it's like a mini-vacay within a vacay for my family, and I get the best of borth worlds- earning valuable CE and getting to go on a cruise ship!

Once lunchtime rolls around, I met up with the fam for nice lunch at the Windjammer Café.

With some free time in the afternoon, I head to the Solarium pool for some much-needed tanning and relaxation time. Nothing beats lounging by the pool with a modelo in hand!

But wait, I totally forgot about the Palatal Expansion lecture with Dr. Ilya Lipkin that's happening right now! I catch the tail end of it and pick up some valuable insights before heading off to dinner.

Dinner is a classy affair at the Reflections Dining Room, where we indulge in some fine cuisine and good company. I even met up with some Orthodontists I met at the most recent RD conference.

After showering and freshening up back in the cabin, which has the most amazing view btw, it's time to get our game faces on! The fam and I hit up a game show, and let me tell you, things got competitive real quick. I hope I didn't scare off any of the Orthopreneurs with very serious playing.

To finish off my day, we're off to the Dance Party we've been hearing all day about to bust some moves- but mostly just to embarrass my kids - because hey, isn't that what parents are for?!?

And I think that's a wrap for a day at sea folks! If this was just my first day, I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! Stay tuned, folks!!

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