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Deliver Feedback Without Being the 'Bad Guy': Learn From Joe Hirsch at OP Summit at Sea!

Feedback is a vital part of managing an orthodontic practice, yet it often feels like a daunting task. That's why we've invited Joe Hirsch, a renowned communication expert who has worked with major corporations including Adobe, T-Mobile, and Astrazeneca to the OP Summit at Sea to help you tackle this challenge.

Joe specializes in turning feedback into a constructive tool that enhances team harmony and boosts practice efficiency. His approach ensures that feedback is not seen as criticism but as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

At the OP Summit at Sea, Joe will cover:

  • Techniques for clear and stress-free communication.

  • Methods to transform feedback sessions into positive experiences.

  • Strategies to improve overall practice operations through effective feedback.

Join us for Joe Hirsch’s talk at the OP Summit at Sea, and start delivering feedback in a way that boosts confidence, fosters professional development, and enhances your practice’s overall efficiency. Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of the best and bring home techniques that will change the way you communicate with your team for the better.

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