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Unmatched Experience: OP Summit's Full Ship Charter

Updated: 4 days ago

Hello Orthopreneurs Community,

It's Mike Vidikan, your OP Summit Cruise Director, and I’m here to help explain what a full ship charter means for Orthopreneurs and the entire Ortho community. Most of the time when you see a dental or ortho meeting take place on a cruise ship, the organizer simply takes a block of rooms for the meeting and gets to borrow one or more venues for a closed meeting for a limited time.

We’ve gone above and beyond by chartering the ENTIRE Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Seas cruise ship just for our community for a full 4-night cruise leaving Tampa, FL Sept 18, stopping in Cozumel, MX and returning Sunday Sept 22. The whole ship is exclusive to us – ensuring a unique and private experience unlike anything you've seen before.

What Does a Full Ship Charter REALLY Mean for You?

1. It's ONLY for OrthoPreneurs:

With the entire ship to ourselves, you’ll enjoy complete privacy. No other passengers, just our community of dedicated orthodontic professionals. When you step into the gym, onto the elevator, saddle up next to someone at the pool, or look for a seat in the piano bar, you are literally sitting next to someone in the community. They are peers, friends and family. This exclusivity allows us to create a really intimate and focused environment, perfect for networking and collaboration.

2. Unmatched Networking Opportunities:

This is an amazing opportunity for you and your team to connect with fellow doctors and their teams in a relaxed and exclusive setting. Share ideas, discuss challenges, and build lasting relationships that will benefit you long after the cruise. In fact, many of the testimonials we receive about Summit refer to the value of the community – the pearls and business tips that come from conversations that happen outside of the lectures. PLUS... the keynotes and other speakers will be on board and roaming around so you have unbelievable access to them.

3. The OP Experience at Sea:

Starting with OP Summit 2018, what we've tried to build is an annual meeting that you look forward to every year. From the second you arrive until the second you leave, we try to take care of you and provide amazing CE, fantastic food, lots of networking opportunities, and great memories. With so many venues, custom activities, and surprise entertainment, it's going to be difficult to top the experience of a floating city just for our community (plus a day on the island of Cozumel!).

4. Customized Entertainment and Activities:

From Ortho Trivia and Championship Ortho Karaoke to Formal night and an 80s Themed Party and live performances by hypnotists, comedians, and our favorite all-orthodontist band Relapse, we offer a wide-range of fun activities for all guests to enjoy following a day of learning and networking. In addition to the ship's numerous pubs, clubs, theaters, and dining rooms, there are fantastic amenities such as a decked out fitness center, sports court, rock climbing wall, mini golf green, and pool deck. Just imagine the competition and comradery that will take place when awards and prizes are up for grabs!

NOTE: We will also be adjusting the childcare schedule to accommodate families so they can drop off kids earlier than childcare usually opens to attend the lectures.

5. Never Eat Alone (Unless You Want To):

Every meal is an opportunity to meet new people or bond with your team. Plus the ship is outfitted with dining options to suit everyone's tastes and dietary needs. Whether you grab a table at the Windjammer cafe for a casual breakfast, join a group in the Reflections Dining room for your scheduled dining time or choose an upscale meal at Izumi or Chops Steakhouse, you'll always feel at home within your community. And if you want to enjoy some quiet time alone, you can always book a spa appointment, check out the movie theater for new releases, or find a secluded spot outside to soak in the gorgeous ocean views.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience

I’m confident that OP Summit at Sea will be an unforgettable experience, combining professional growth with relaxation and fun. By chartering the entire ship, I truly believe we’re creating a unique and exclusive event that embodies the spirit of the Orthopreneurs Summit and will be talked about for years to come.

I can’t wait to set sail with you and create lasting memories together.

For more details and to secure your spot, visit

Mike Vidikan

Executive Director, Orthopreneurs

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