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We’re Giving Away a FREE Excursion for You AND Your Team.

Book your team for the OP Summit at Sea by March 30th and receive a FREE excursion to Chankanaab National Park in Cozumel. This isn’t just an outing; it’s a fully sponsored team-bonding adventure!

Here’s what’s in store for you AND your team:

A Feast to Remember: Enjoy a Mexican-style buffet lunch, complete with unlimited drinks.

Cultural Immersion: Dive into Mexico's rich heritage with visits to an archaeological site and a real Mayan Village, not to mention the unique experience of Tequila Village. It’s cultural exploration at its finest.

Aquatic Exploration: The marine sanctuary at Chankanaab offers unparalleled snorkeling experiences. Plus, you'll have the chance to see sea lions, dolphins and manatees up close at the Dolphin Discoveries Sea Lion Show!

Relaxation and Rejuvenation: After your adventures, unwind on the pristine beach, swim in the crystalline ocean, or relax in the park’s refreshing pool.

This exclusive day out is designed to leave your team stronger, more motivated, and inspired – all thanks to your initiative. For more excursion details, check out:

Offer Details:

  • Book by March 30th to secure this team-building adventure.

  • Minimum Booking: At least 5 NEW cabins.

  • Excursion Passes: Up to 10 included, ensuring your team experiences Cozumel together.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to strengthen your team’s bonds. Book now and let’s make Cozumel a highlight of your team’s year!

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