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Your Go-To Spot to Satisfy Any Cravings on the Ship: The Windjammer Cafe

On the Serenade of the Seas, when you're hungry, there's one spot you can't miss: The Windjammer Café. This free dining spot is famous for its exciting mix of foods from all over the world, letting you taste dishes from around the world without even leaving the ship.

Breakfast at The Windjammer offers something for everyone, whether you like trying new things or sticking to what you know. Start your day with a spicy egg Bhurji and roti, or go for the cozy choice of scrambled eggs and bacon or a bagel and lox with homefries.

For lunch and dinner, you’ll find familiar favorites like fresh pizza and pasta, burgers and dogs, and fish and chips. There are also dozens of dishes that change daily. The Indian food is always top notch with fresh poppadoms and roti (and pickled mango) and offerings like aloo gobi, aloo matar, butter chicken, and dal. A chef will always be present at the carving station with foods like fresh roast beef, salmon in puff pastry, and roasted turkey. With so many options, even picky eaters will find something they like, making meals easy and fun for all. 

Unfortunately for the dieters, the dessert station is always stocked with treats and quickly replenished making it almost impossible to pass up an after meal sweet or two (or three or four). The ice cream is also always flowing, but the choice is more limited: chocolate or vanilla or both?

The Windjammer Café is all about easy choices and variety on the Serenade of the Seas. It's the perfect place to satisfy any craving, any time of day. Here, every meal is a chance to try new flavors from around the world, making The Windjammer the place you'll always want to come back to on your cruise.

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